Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

These cookies were a PAIN IN THE BUTT to make!

They're the soft lofthouse sugar cookies and the dough was so sticky. Even after I refrigerated them for about 13 hours!

I will undoubtedly never make them again, but when I did manage to finish baking them and slathered them with frosting, they really were so good.

Oh, and that is the only photographic evidence I have because I was a bad blogger and forgot to take pictures before I brought them to a Halloween party. Whoops.

I hope everybody enjoys this Halloween!  =)


P.S. I was a MacBook, not my typical witch, for Halloween this year. No photographic evidence of that either.


  1. @Shawn Ha! Totally didn't even notice they were bat sprinkles! I just saw black and orange...

  2. Love the cookies and beautifully decorative. When is your shop opening?!

  3. The cookies look delish! Lucky peeps who attended that party!

  4. they look like they were worth the pain! :)

  5. I have never heard of that type of sugar cookie before but I will take your word for it and no make them- however, they do look so cute and yummy!

  6. Bummer! Hate kitchen fails. But it happens to all of us! Hope you had a great Halloween :)

  7. These cookies look so cute...
    Well decorated, love the cute little bats...
    I hope you had a wonderful Hallloween

  8. Whoa, that last picture was creepy, lol. At least these babies turned out delicious! I like the sound of them (minus the pain in the ass part).

  9. Sticky dough cookie? Interesting. It is really cute too!