Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloweenie Cupcakes

I grew up in a very Catholic and Haitian household, so Halloween was never celebrated much.

We didn't go trick or treating, never bobbed for apples, didn't carve pumpkins, and only got costumes because Halloween coincided with our Christian schools Harvest Festival where you had to dress up as a character from a storybook.

Other than that? Nothing.
The batter is incredibly moist and rich.

I didn't really start celebrating Halloween and dressing up until I got to college.

It took me a while to get  into the swing of things, but I'm fully engaged now.

I've been wanting to try out a chocolate cupcake recipe that I've seen going around. It's heralded as "The BEST Chocolate Cake" and I got the recipe off of Kevin and Amanda's Blog .

I made the cakes for my friend's Halloween party, and while I thought the cakes were good but "regular", everyone else thought they were delicious. People kept commenting, so perhaps I was too hard on them?
I made them X-Large... =D

I dunno.

I suppose I expected some crazy deliciousness that made made feel as if a miracle just happened, but I didn't.

That's a lot to ask for out of a cupcake, right?
I really liked the frosting!

I'm crazy.

Anyways, the icing I used was this one. I actually liked it a lot. It was like a whipped cream consistency, but thicker.

It was uber good.

I did a sucky job decorating them. I know. I was too tired to think, so I smeared frosting on them and then threw on random sprinkles.

It was actually kind of fun.


So, Happy Halloween!

Chocolate Cupcake Recipe--CLICK HERE!
Frosting Recipe--CLICK HERE!


  1. Love the costume and the cupcakes! And I've made the same frosting before - it's definitely one of the best recipes I've come across. I'll have to try out this cake recipe though.

  2. i love when people aren't afraid to go crazy with the sprinkles and decorations

  3. Very festive! I've never been a fan of Halloween, but I love all the treats involved!

    Loved your costume too!

  4. Your cupcakes look so good, you're making me wish for Halloween all over again! This year was a bust as far as kids go. In the meantime, I should have loaned you my flying monkey...She was cute!

  5. I love each and every one of those Halloween cupcakes. They look fabulous!

  6. oh this looks so fab! thank you for sharing this. you are so creative.

  7. My parents thought that Halloween was just odd, so I didn't celebrate it much either, as a child.
    But your happy, cute cupcakes are a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday :)