Sunday, August 22, 2010

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies...Ever!

Ok. I am typically not a cookie fan. I like cakes, brownies, and denser types of desserts that really stick to your stomach and have to be washed down with a glass of milk. I mean, I'll eat a cookie if that's all there is, but I don't get excited about them.

Fast forward to this week.

I've heard about 5 different people talk about these special chocolate chip cookies that are made with browned butter instead of the regular room temperature butter. Now, when I first heard about these cookies I didn't pay them that much attention, because once again; cookie? So what, who cares...But, after reading about what makes them different from your traditional chocolate chip cookie (these have more of a toffee taste because of the brown butter), my interest peaked. I decided that this was my treat that I would make for this Sunday, and I AM GLAD THAT I DID.

These cookies are so good! The brown butter really adds a richer and more indulgent depth of flavor. I made 3 sheets and in the last batch I threw in peanut butter chips---EVEN BETTER. Not kidding.

I got the recipe from America's Test Kitchen, and I think you should make them too!

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