Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chinese and Cupcakes

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. There's always something about that day which leaves me feeling happy and safe, and lets me know that all is right in the world. Whether the sun is shining brightly outside, or the heavens are pouring down rain, I am always happy on Sundays.

When I was younger, while other children were wishing and hoping for Saturday to come so they could watch the morning cartoons, I was secretly waiting for Sunday to approach so I could revel in its serenity.

I love Sundays.

I also love food.

A lot.

So, on most days Sundays, I eat really good food. Always.

It doesn’t have to be at a restaurant or anything because I love to cook as well. I cook more than I eat out (now) which is huge for me.

I recently moved to Washington, DC which means on this particular Sunday I couldn’t cook since I was missing a kitchen few things. I move into my new place next week, so until then I eat what I find out in the city.

My eatery of the day (not by choice) was PF Changs. I am NOT a fan of overpriced Chinese food. I believe that Chinese should be cheap, preferably in the $4-8.50 range, and come in white cartons with aluminum handles to carry them in.

PF Changs does not believe in the same ideal as me.

It’s cool.

My older brother on the other hand? He is all over that place. That is why I happened to have dinner there this Sunday. I was annoyed and convinced myself that there wasn’t anything on the menu that I remotely wanted, so I didn’t order anything. Bad idea.

As the Lemon Pepper Shrimp and Lettuce Wraps that my brother ordered were coming out, even I couldn’t deny how good the food looked and smelled. As my mouth watered, my brother graciously shared his entire meal with me and I have to say…it was pretty freaking good.

The lettuce wraps were okay, but the Lemon Pepper Shrimp was delicious! It was seasoned just right and all of the flavors went well together. I actually enjoyed it and silently yelled at myself for being such a brat.

HOWEVER, although I liked it I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t ever go to PF Changs voluntarily. Someone would probably have to take me there and urge me to try something. Until then I’ll get my Chinese food fix from the local Yum-Yum Chow's that litter urban cities. :)

I also went to the Fresh Bakery to get some cupcakes. They were aight. Mine are better. yea.