Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Cake Pops--FAIL

I really hate when I fail making a baking treat.

As you all know Easter Sunday was this past weekend and I was scheduled to go to brunch at my friend Sam's house. Of course I told her I would bring dessert and quickly decided on cake pops.


Friday night my friend Judi came to visit for the weekend and so off we went to Michael's to purchase all of the necessary equipment--lollipop sticks, candy melts, wrapping paper to package them up---everything.
1 of 2 flavors I made---Strawberry pops with cream cheese frosting

I had high hopes.

Well, Saturday morning I baked the cakes, let them cool and before we went out for the day I mixed the icing in.

I was so excited!


I came back home Saturday night and settled down to make them.

I rolled the cake pop, froze the cake pop, dipped the cake pop, and then tried the cake pop.


It was a fail.


As I bit into the beautiful white chocolate candy coating that I meticulously adorned with a myriad of multi- colored sprinkles, the cake  pop tasted like a big ball of yuck. (I'm sorry, I've ALWAYS wanted to write "meticulously adorned with a myriad". Forgive me)

They were incredibly mushy and way too wet.

I was angry. I was mad. What happened??

After my anger subsided I quickly rushed to the grocery store and bought a Strawberry Shortcake to take to brunch, but I knew this would not be the end of me and cake  pops.

As I poured through different blogs, I realized that I made the mistake of putting too much icing in with the cake. The recipe I used called for 1 1/2 cups or a can of frosting and that is what I did. However, people were saying that it makes the cake balls mushy and "wet" which is what happened to mine.

A coworker of mine happened to bring in cake balls  to work today and there was way too much icing in hers as well.

This is  NOT the end of me and cake pops.I will perfect these things in  the very near future. Look out for another post about these because I will make them right!


  1. I too had the same problem the first time I made them. Don't add regular food coloring to the white candy melts either... it will make them crack... I've experienced this. You need an oil based candy coloring or just order the different color melts on-line. Once you get it down, they really are fun to make! P.S. Yours look really cute!

  2. I love how you showed a fail. Makes you more human after seeing all this perfection on your blog. Can't wait until you perfect the cake balls!

  3. I love the use of: "meticulously adorned with a myriad of multi- colored sprinkles". Sorry that they were a fail...they actually look lovely :)

  4. I've always wanted to make those too. It really sucks to try something new and have it fall apart. I still think they look yummy. Good luck with the next batch:)
    p.s I have a story on my blog about a fail chocolate mud cake Check it out if you like it might give you a giggle.

  5. I've tried making these. Also a fail for me. I decided they are more trouble than they are worth and now I just make good old cake! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing with us your experience with the cake ball. I've always been intimidated by them. I love your blog btw. thanks for visiting mine.

    Follow each other? :)

    xo//Andrea Marie

  7. I Love your blog! I love that you shared all of your details on how you failed. We all fail often. We laugh at my house stating if something is "blog worthy".

    I do love cake balls - I just do one cake to one container of frosting and never had a problem. I made Red Velvet Cake Balls at Christmas but didn't make them into Cake Pops. Also, if you haven't made Oreo balls - you need to try those too. They are one container of crushed Oreos to one 8 oz softened cream cheese. Follow the same procedure!

    Also, you should visit Bakerella at as she is the Queen of Cake Pops!


  8. I've never made cake pops. I really want to, but I'm worried about the same thing happening to me! Sorry it didn't work out for you, I hate when I get all excited about a baked good and it FAILS on me. Worst mood ever! I hope you try again though so we can learn from you!

  9. I love cake balls, they're so fun to make and look so cute. I can't wait to see your success story! :)

    By the way, I've given you an award! Stop by my food blog,, to check it out when you get a chance!

  10. Cake pops are all the rage-I cheer on your effort. I admire your willingness to take on the cake pop. I still am intimidated by the idea to try it myself.
    Keep trying!


  11. Yeah...the ratio of cake to icing is the most important factor in a good one. I always reserve some of the cake in case I need it and add the icing in very small increments. I have never used the amount recommended in any recipe. That mushiness is SUCH a turn off for me.